Part 434m – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Search For GGG-Grandfather William Merrifield, Beer House Keeper

12 January 2011

Good day,

Last night I decided that I had better start delving into my Merrifield line... The following is a quick synopsis of immediate Merrifield ancestors. (Link here to see my Merrifield Descendant Chart.)

  1. My grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson was born 28 December 1890, in Islington, London. Dada passed away in 20 January 1967 in Saint Andrew Parish, Surrey, Jamaica.
  2. His mother, great-grandmother Elizabeth Charlotte Merrifield was born 24 Jan 1856, in Hoxton, Middlesex, England. Great-grandmother Elizabeth passed away 20 June 1926 in Edmonton, Middlesex.
  3. Her father gg-grandfather John Merrifield was born circa 1816, in Clifton, Gloucestershire in England. Presently I do not have any information regarding his death.

From my research my ggg-grandfather William Merrifield, (gg-grandfather John’s father, I think), was born about 1781, per the 1841 England Census in Clifton, County of _____. I cannot make out the script of the name of the location.

Per the data entry from, the entry reads "Gloucestershire, England - Civil Parish: Clifton, Hundred - Barton Regis, County - Gloucestershire". I have inserted the image of the 1841 Clifton Census, Page 14.

Per the 1851 England Census the birth place is given as Somersetshire. See the inserted 1851 Census. Apart from "sharing" borders, how are Somersetshire and Gloucestershire interconnected? I'm trying to narrow the location to set a search for Parish Registers of birth and baptism and see if I can dig deeper into my Merrifield Line.

I believe, on the 1851 Census, Line 290, the William Merrifield, who may be my ggg-grandfather, is a Beer Retailer. This definitely corresponds to William Merrifield I discovered in 1841 Census. His occupation is enumerated as Beer House Keeper.

The son John Merrifield, aged 25, included in the 1841 Census is listed as a Carpenter. GG-grandfather John Merrifield was a Carpenter. In the 1861 Census, Page 19, of The Tower Hamlet in St. Leonard in Shoreditch gg-grandfather John’s occupation is entered as a Carpenter & Joiner. The 1871 Census, Page 15, also notes that he was a Carpenter. Further great-grandmother Elizabeth is included as one of his daughters in the same 1871 Census. Great-grandmother Elizabeth’s Birth Registration can be seen in Part 80m. It also confirms gg-grandfather John’s Carpenter occupation.

Based on my observations of the occupation of gg-grandfather John Merrifield as Carpenter, I could surmise that the John Merrifield may also be one and the same in the 1841 Census… This could lead to a possible conclusion that the Head of the Household, William Merrifield, the Beer House Keeper was gg-grandfather John’s father, and my ggg-grandfather.

You'll also see on the 1851 Census on Line 292 that there is listed a George Merrifield, a Shopkeeper... Purely coincidence but this could also be a relative to William Merrifield, either a much younger brother or a son, or given a cousin.

And so the Merrifield search begins... I would appreciate any thoughts, knowledge, insights, or questions.




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