Afternoon, May 6, 2009 - Tampa

06 May 2009


Well this morning was filled with a few bits and pieces… Five professions today - veterinarian; baker; farmer; launderer; and genealogist... Fed the dogs; started the laundry; made a loaf of whole wheat bread; made a loaf of pumpkin cranberry pistachio bread; gave the dogs their monthly meds; checked the new vegetable garden on the side of the house for new peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants… Can report six small green tomatoes and a bunch of new anticipatory-flowers… and checked the new banana bunch in the back yard, but still to check the watermelons vines and avocado trees in the front yard. So much for suburban farming…

I’m sort of waffling about what I need to do with respect to research today and work on my genealogy. Some projects have crossed my mind that I know I need attending to. And these are just a few on top of what I’m currently working on and/or are waiting in the wings. They are:

1. Complete the article I‘ve been writing regarding why I started into genealogy. It’s about my Uncle Jim ROBERTSON, who I was named after; that is, the James part. Uncle Jim was one of my mother’s three brothers. He was born in Jamaica 14 March 1923 and was killed in World War II in the Indian Ocean. My other two names, Kenneth and Lloyd were for my father and grandfather. And the SMITH, well what can I say, it’s my surname, aka, my family name. The picture of Uncle Jim, to the left, may have been taken around 1939.

2. Complete the article on my search and research of finding the final resting place of my granduncle Frederick Henry ABRAHAM. Granduncle Frederick Henry was killed in World War I on 2 October 1918 in Joncourt, France. He is buried where he and his comrades were killed. Granduncle Frederick Henry was my father’s mother’s only brother. The picture of Granduncle Fred was from a picture postcard from around 1917

3. Complete the write-up of the research and search of the life of my great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née JULY) ABRAHAM. Great-grandmother Marie Antoinette was the mother of granduncle Frederick Henry. I discovered that she was born at Ile de Gorée off the coast of Sénégal, Africa in December 1860 and she died in San Diego, California on 25 January 1940. Check out The following picture is of grandaunt Cecile Blanche (
née ABRAHAM) Ham her youngest daughter and great-grandmother Marie Antoinette. I'm not sure of the location, it's either British Guiana (now Guyana) or San Diego, California. I'm also not sure of the year, but if it is in San Diego, it would be after 1919.

4. Work on the cataloging of all genealogical documentation that I have acquired in the past eight years. I have been using the software Clooz, version 2.1, which is very compatible with the genealogical software that I use, Legacy, version and The Master Genealogist, version 7.04. The British version of Clooz is Custodian 3, version 3.5.5 which I have but have not yet made an attempt at using it.

5. Begin a project of cataloging all genealogy books and texts, physical and on line that I have acquired over the years. I keep checking updates from Kindle and the current offering of genealogy references.

6. Check out and respond to possible matches regarding my input at Genes Reunited, see To date I have received 200 possibilities. At the initial go-around there have been two definite matches in 100 possibilities. The actual two matches are through first cousin twice removed George Conrad GREEN and possibly four-times great-grandmother Jane (née VOGG) ABRAHAM.

Just some thoughts. Breads are now out of the oven. The baking of course, provides the aromas of Harold Peterson Junior High School in Oromocto, New Brunswick and 1977+. Supper tonight is shrimp fried rice.

The rescueds have both decided to jump in my lap... Can't type anymore. Enjoy the day.



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