June 11, 2009 - Cheshire Cat Attacks Tinker and Hard Drive Crashes

11 June 2009


Well today began somewhat less eventful than yesterday evening. I'm not writing today or researching much about great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham as one of my hard drives was in its last throes of existence. I had to take it, that is, my whole CPU to the PC shop to have it replaced. So I'm waiting... I can write using my Notebook, but all my data, which still is safe and backed up 24 hours a day via Carbonite, is on the CPU at the shop. It is now a waiting period. And I know that I will be reconstructing software when the fixed PC is back in house. (This is not an ad but if you check out Carbonite and decide to use their service I think you can mention my name and I'll get some extra time added to my account... Thanks.)

Later that afternoon while walking Tinker and Bella and Harbor... that's right three of the six dogs; the labs - Moxon, Tobi and Taylor were at the house, a gigantic orange flash of fur came screeching from underneath an SUV by the sidewalk parked down the street, and the next thing I knew is that Tink is screaming, Bella is wailing, some orange gargantuan feline has pounced and pined Tinker to the ground. Three leashes are caught up around my legs... and the next thing I realize is that Harbor is galloping after the devil-cat, while Tink and Bella keep up their hullabaloo. Harbor had slipped out of his collar and was giving chase to the orange feline who had disrupted our walk.

You have to understand, Tinker is 12 pounds and Bella is 13 pounds dripping wet. Tinker and Bella are Rat Terriers. Harbor is about 40 pounds and a Sheltie mix. All three are rescued dogs. Tinker was traumatized by the terrible tangerine tabby! And Harbor strutted like he knew he had saved the little girl... I'm sure the cat must have been at least double Tinker's weight.

Tinker and Bella arrived on our doorstep last year and a couple of months ago, respectively, and Harbor was rescued a couple of years ago by Joel. Moxon, the 83-pound lab and Harbor are staying with us and our menagerie while Brittany and Joel are on their honeymoon... Yes, that's right six dogs.

I do not have any data or information specific to my great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette, and so I do not want to start the serial of my search and research of her life.

The first question I asked when introduced to the personage of my great-grandmother, who was known as Marie Antoinette Abraham, was "Why did she leave British Guiana and move to San Diego, California?"

To be continued...



Jennifer on June 11, 2009 at 8:53 PM said...

Did this really happen? I know it was awful, but I can't help but laugh. What could that cat have possibly been thinking.

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