Part 55r - Robertsons, Oldhamstocks and Innerwick - John Robertson Descendant Chart Update

11 September 2009

Very early morning from this part of the world,

The discovery of gggg-grandfather John Robertson's baptismal entry was pure happenstance. I had come upon a possible "brickwall". I had traced the family through the birth and baptism of ggg-grandfather Thomas Robertson in 1780; birth - 29 Jun 1780 and baptism - 6 Jul 1780, to the Parish of Oldhamstocks in the County of East Lothian (Haddington) to the east of Edinburgh, Scotland. My search was centered on Oldhamstocks. No luck.

With no further in finds Oldhamstocks, I then decided to venture out to nearby and adjacent towns and villages. My first was to move on up the road, so-to-speak, to the adjoining Parish, at the time, Innerwick. Innerwick, by foot is about 3.8 miles or 6.12 kilometers from Oldhamstocks, about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Based on previous documentation concerning my ggg-grandfather Thomas Robertson I had found and by calculating approximate ages I was able discover other Robertsons who may possibly fit into the family tree.

I was able to get a hold of the microfilm FHL[1067850] Church of Scotland, Parish Church of Innerwick, Parish registers for Innerwick, 1614-1854, from Salt Lake City. I began a review of the images and I discovered a 1791 baptism entry of a Margaret Robertson. But it was the added-sort-of-after-the-fact notation that really caught my eye.

Transcribed, the last entry plus notation --
Augst 2d 1761

John Robertson Wright in Butterlaw & Ann Lyle his spouse had a daughter Baptized named Margaret. Witneʃses James Robertson & James Lyle.

Their Son John was baptized at Oldhamstocks Octr 17, 1759.

And then I also found in the same source the actual 1758 marriage registration for John Robertson and Ann Lisle. (Check the spellings of ggggg-grandmother Ann's maiden name; Lyle and Lisle. Pronounced the same.)

Transcribed, last entry --

Decr 1st 1758

John Robertson & Ann Lisle both in this parish gave up their names to be proclaimed. Cautioner for the man John Robertson his father & for the woman James Lisle her brother.

John Robertson, his father, Cautioner... Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather John Robertson.

Oh and by the way check out the use of the word Cautioner at the History of Glenbervie by George Henderson Kinnear.

The following are pictures were taken by Bob of the Oldhamstocks Church which is now in the Parish of Dunglass. This could be the Church where a number of our Robertsons were baptized. Thanks Bob.

I made a data entry error to the John Robertson Descendant Chart. I've fixed it and the updated and new one has been positioned in the left-hand column, titled John Robertson Descendant Chart - 2. Great-grandaunt Agnes Miller Robertson's birth year should read 1841 and not 1805. Nice catch Jenny... Thanks.




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