Part 67r - 1911 Census - The Documentary Life of Grandaunt Agnes Harriet (née Robertson) Davies

19 September 2009


As I mentioned yesterday in Part 66r, the only Robertson missing from the 66 Upper Walthamstow Road household was grandaunt Agnes Harriet. It appears from the enumeration in the 1911 Census that she had been married two years, that is, two years prior to 2/3 April 1911 or about 1909. Her husband was John Morgan Davies and they and their 10-month old son lived at "The Elms", Whitchurch Lane, Edgware, Hendon, England.

Whitchurch Lane, Edgware, Middlesex, England, c2009

The actual marriage of grandaunt Agnes Harriett Robertson and John Morgan Davies occurred on 19 August 1908.

And that means that you can't stop at only one document to present the key and vital dates in one person's life.

1908 Marriage Registration

St. Peter's Church, De Beauvoir Rd.,
Hackney, England, c2009

And following through with the gathering of documents to map one's life, two other vital records are included of grandaunt Agnes Harriett's file.

1883 Birth Registration

Parr St., Hackney, England, c2009

1958 Death Registration

Aerial view of University of Westminster &
Hospital Services, Harrow, England, c2009

And there are other instances that she may have appeared on census records.

1901 Census

Ferndale Ave., Walthamstow, England, c2009

1891 Census

Church Rd., Islington, England

My sources for these documents and pictures, via direct contact, telephone, mail, and Internet, include:
  1. The General Registrar Office, Home Office Identity & Passport Service,
  5. Google Maps,
  6. Google Earth, and
  7. An occasional relative, near or distant, any address
And even though I never met grandaunt Agnes Harriett (née Robertson) Davies, I get to know a little bit about her and the first half of her life.

This is my goal in my world of genealogy. In some ways I can be there with them, especially with the wonders of today's technology. Once I have the document and the collected paperwork I then use the online search engines to find locations and pictures of where, in this case, grandaunt Agnes Harriett was born, lived, and died.

Just as a note, the pictures from Google Maps and Google Earth may not necessarily be the correct and exact location(s) as indicated on a document, but it may be a close 2009 approximation. I would certainly invite anyone to send me copies or images of the original locations.

Please make sure, if you have any comments to use the comment section or email with your thoughts, ideas, or questions.




Helen on January 14, 2010 at 3:44 PM said...

Hi Jim,

As a Brit living in North London... can you change the caption to read: Whitchurch Lane, Edgware, Middlesex, England, HA8 (not sure where Harrow came from!).


Jim Smith on January 14, 2010 at 10:01 PM said...

Helen, My apologies to your issue of the address. My sources are (1) from 2009 Google Maps "Whitchurch Ln, Harrow, Greater London, UK"; and (2) In Part 67r I included the front piece from the 1911 England Census which provides the "Instruction to the Enumerator" as a part of the address "Rural District - Hendon (part of)" and "Parliamentary Borough or Division of Harrow (part of)" Please see the link provided in the Posting. Jim

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