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29 September 2009

This morning it's nothing about genealogy or quilts or cooking. It's about me.

My ingenuity sometimes amazes me!

This early morning, at the ungodly hour of 4:30 I was immediately awaken by the sound of what I thought was distant barking. And no other creature in the house stirred. As I arose I did a head check. All four dogs, Tobi, Taylor, Bella, and Tinker were on the bed sound asleep... (Yeah, that's right, all four sleep in the bed.) Going through my head was "No, I do not... No I can not take in another dog! Period!" But then I heard it again. It really sounded like a dog barking, muffled in the distance, or is some bag somewhere. Well, I started to turn on all the lights. All the lights in the house. All the lights on the outside. I went to the garage. I checked the backyard, the patio, the front and back room closets. I couldn't find the source of the barking.

In my search I was waiting for the the flashing of the red rescue lights, just like I've seen so many other times in the years that I've lived in this house. My mind then formulated the possibility that there may be someone calling at the front door... and that has happened a number of times before, as in the case of the neighbor who set her house on fire when she was frying chicken and she came a-running to me and my house screaming "Jim, Jim, Jim, help me! My house! My baby! My chicken!" And I couldn't find anything. I couldn't find the source of the sound, the source of the muffled barking.

And then it hit me. The cause of the barking had to me. No, I do not bark in my sleep! I wasn't dreaming. I was awake when I heard it the third time. Everyone was awake. I remembered that I had had a great idea, that never worked. Obviously... sort of.

I had changed the alarm on my HP iPaq, my mobile PC phone with the hopeful intention that once if it sounded I could guarantee that I would get up. I had changed the alarm sound to the sound of a dog barking, one of my dogs barking. My idea was that the sound of a dog barking would wake the dogs, they would bark, hence I would get up. No problem! Only problem was that this early morning, none of the dogs reacted... neither did they even utter one responding bark. Just me... I got up. The alarm worked, sort of. The only issue is that I hadn't set it to go off this morning. I hadn't set the alarm to go off but for four months ago. So my question is, Who or what set off my barking alarm?

Yup, my brilliance sometimes even amazes me. It has to, cause it certainly doesn't even move the dogs.




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