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13 October 2009


JK said to me, "You always are having trouble with your PC. In the five years I've had mine I've never had an issue." And now proven to me this morning, it isn't me. It isn't my PC. It's the bloody electric company. The three quick surges that happened late last week appears to have fried my hard drive. And I have all the protection. Praise be that the warranty is still in place, and everything is backed up at Carbonite. I swear the electric company does not like my work on genealogy. I think I will make a quick trip to Haiti and find a pin-stick-in-doll named Teco.

Just found out from the PC shoppe that the have to order a new replacement tera-byte hard drive. And it just dawned on me that I have hard drive capacity of one trillion bytes. I can't even grasp that amount. And the warranty is in effect. They have to clone the old hard drive, which will take some time. Hopefully will be back to snuff in a week.

The rainstorm two nights ago pounded the new zucchini plants, but they look like they made it. And the rest of the new farm plantings appear to be okay. Sunday night's supper was another attempt on Okonomiyaki. This time with tempura flour... Looks like it may become a quick staple in this house. Monday's supper, some concoction with eggplant and basil from the farm and spicy pork sausage. Just let me know if you're dropping in well in advance, and I'll tell you what to pick up at the store.

Work on the new quilts is picking up and soon, once the hard drive is up we'll have seven more posted. I am working on a new design series that somehow incorporates Turkish glass mosaics. Hopefully I can get the effect. Andy thinks that he will be able to sew the new quilt design. (I always have check on with him first, otherwise my work on a design is for naught.) Stay tuned.

I've been reading Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol. It's a good read and I've decided to do a bit of search and kick it into gear regarding my great-great and great-great-great-grandfathers James Smith and their possible Free Masonry memberships. I know that Bernard had traced down similar information regarding great-great-grandfather Benjamin Victor Abraham's membership, but all that info and data is on my absent hard drive. Hopefully there may be information on file that could lead me further into the past lives of my grandfathers.




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