Part 85b – Brunhammer Haplogroup I2a & Origin

07 October 2009

Good day,

Following up from my genealogical research and the Brunhammer family in Part 83b, we've been waiting, and waiting, and biting our nails to the quick. (Just a quick note… The label Part 85b in the title is my way of keeping track of my genealogical research in the Blog. In this case the "b" stands for Brunhammer.)

Andy's, the Brunhammer's predicted Haplogroup results came in this morning. It is I2a. That is, the letter "I"… not L… nor the number 1. Remember I2a. It's the first set of results, and predictions returned from the 12-Marker test.

The Human Y chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups are lettered A through T. They are further subdivided using numbers and lower case letters. (These are established by the Y Chromosome Consortium.) You can read about it in much more detail on Wikipedia.

Source: Haplogroup I (Y-DNA)

On the inserted chart, you can see the position where Haplogroup I is located. Whereas the ancestry of I is widespread in Europe, I2 is more localized to Central and Southeast Europe and Sardinia.

Andy's Brunhammer Y-Haplotree, from Family Tree DNA is pictured on the right.

Predicted Haplogroup Y-Haplotree
Source: Family Tree DNA

You can incorporate the two Trees together at point I.

In the research, the Y-chromosomal "Adam" is the name given by researchers to the male who is the most recent patrilineal (male-lineage) ancestor of all humans. (See the top of the first inserted chart.)

Andy's, the Brunhammer's, migration map shows the origin of "Adam", the Y-Chromosome Adam, from 60,000 years ago. From the information provided, it should be noted that while he was not the only male living at the time, no other lineages remain today.

Haplogroup I Migration Map
Source: Family Tree DNA

Following the migration path from "Adam" you can see the travel out of Africa and into the Middle East. Based on a continued migration, the parent, (Haplogroup F), of most non-African branches was born, somewhere about 45,000 years ago. Then some 25,000 years ago Haplogroup I originated either in the Middle East or in Southern Europe. This was sometime during the last ice age when people took refuge along the Mediterranean. At the end of the ice age, members of the I2a branch spread north into Eastern Europe and west along the Mediterranean.

And here's where it becomes a waiting game…




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