Part 93b – Spotlights and Brunhammer Descendant Chart I

25 October 2009

Last night when I was walking, actually I was hobbling, the dogs, Bella started barking at the night sky. She sometimes barks at birds and planes, as they fly overhead. I’m not really sure what’s in her mind at times, but I think she thinks that she can actually catch something. Well it was dark, and she kept barking. That’s when I saw them. Not birds. Not a plane… but four white circles, skipping around in the evening sky. It was the tracing of some spotlights. Spotlights from the high school a couple of miles away… and a prom or dance I think; it was about midnight. Crazy dog… Ferocious 11-pound canine, chasing spotlights.

Well I began working on a Brunhammer Descendant Chart in GenoPro. It’s one of the genealogy softwares that I use, and it is software that allows me a bit more freedom of a visual perspective and less of a mechanical constriction. I use a number of other genealogical programs dependent upon the types of attributes and features that I want to highlight and work with. When you pick or are looking for a program, think about what it is that you would like to accomplish. There are many ones now available, and if you need any assistance please feel free to get in touch with me.

In this case, and as there are many generations of Brunhammers, and I really do not want to compel you to go blind, I am creating two Brunhammer Descendant Charts. Brunhammer Descendant Chart – I begins with great-great-great grandfather Joseph Brunhammer and flows down to Andy. Please note that I will NOT be providing any information on these charts, or in this Blog, about any living person. Andy’s name, by his permission, will be the only name that may appear simply as a point and person of reference.

The yellow and blue symbols represent Andy's direct blood line. All information on this Descendant Chart is based on current and available information. It may change as new and more correct data is discovered. New and updated data may be entered in red.

Key - The added letters and numbers to the right of a name in the Descendant Chart, for example, I-P92b, can be used to locate an image of the document as it appears in the Blog -; B = Birth; C = Baptism/Christening; M = Marriage; D = Death or Burial; W = Will; I = Item of Interest; 85b = Part 85b. The small letter “b” represents a surname; in this example b = Brunhammer.

Please know that these descendant charts are always a work in progress. Additions, changes, corrections, upgrades, etc., may be made from time to time. If you have any question or comment please feel free to email me.

The next descendant chart, Brunhammer Descendant Chart II will continue back in time, by generations from ggg-grandfather Joseph Brunhammer. It is currently under construction. Stay tuned.




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