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28 November 2009

Today I'm spending some time catching up.

The first thing I've done is to try and figure out the listing of the Descendant Charts in the left-hand column. The Charts will now follow in this order. The word completed always means that a Chart will be a work in progress.

My 8 Ancestral Lines

Smith (completed) – Robertson (completed)

Scott (completed) – Abraham (to be completed) – July (completed)

Merrifield (completed) – Goodey (completed) – Crossley (to be completed)

Other Smith-Robertson relationships:

  • Marie July and St. Philippe
  • Marie July and Renier
  • Marie July and Abraham
  • Marie July and Siblings
  • Early Smith Baptisms
  • Gentle Births and Baptism

Andy's 8 Ancestral Lines

Brunhammer (completed) – Doherty (completed)

Walsh (completed) – McAteer (completed) – Pierce (completed)

Sheridan (completed) – Holmes (completed) – Gallagher (to be completed)

Other Brunhammer-Doherty relationships

All-things-being-equal I hope to add a third right-hand column that will be the housing for the Descendant Charts.




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