Part 110w – Brunhammer Genealogy – A New Set of GGGrandparents – Michael & Anne Walsh

11 November 2009


Who knows where else this genealogy search will take me? I am also fascinated by the coincidences I run across when I am researching two completely different families.

Insert: The Shoemaker, circa 1908, 
from the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas.

In my continued trek, see Part 106w, from Wilmington, Delaware to Ware, Massachusetts; to Gloucester City, New Jersey in the United States; to Bradford, in Yorkshire, England; to Marlboro, Ireland, I’ve been searching for clues. And last night, Eureka! I believe I discovered the parents and sisters of great-grandmother Annie (née Walsh) Brunhammer. Great-great-grandparents Michael and Anne Walsh, and great-grandaunts Mary Agnes, Julia, and Teresa were found on an 1881 England Census at Bradford.

The new Walsh Descendant Chart –

From the 1881 England Census, great-grandmother Annie (née Walsh) Brunhammer and her three listed sisters: great-grandaunts Mary Agnes, Julia, and Teresa were all born in Bradford, Yorkshire, in England. All-things-being-equal, Bradford is about 67 miles or 108 kilometers from Liverpool or about a day’s walk. From the US Censuses that I have been able to find, great-grandmother Annie and, possibly her family migrated to the United States circa 1883 and 1884. I have not been able to determine their point of entry.

Per the 1881 England Census the Walsh family lived at 145 Exeter Street in Bradford. Great-great-grandfather Michael was a “Boot and Shoe Maker”. The following is my transcription of the 1881 England Census -
The undermentioned Houses are situate within the Boundaries of the [Page 15

Civil Township of – Bradford
Municipal Borough of – Bradford
Municipal Ward of – East
Parliamentary Borough of – Bradford
Urban Sanitary District of – Borough of Bradford
Ecclesiastical Parish or District of – St. Augustine
No. of Schedule – 73
ROAD, STREET, &c., and No. or NAME of HOUSE – 145 Do (Exeter) Do (St)
Inhabited – 1
Uninhabited (U.) or Building (B.) –
NAMES and Surname of each Person – Michael Walsh; Anne Walsh; Mary Agnes Do (Walsh); Annie Do (Walsh); from Page 16] Julia Walsh; Teresa Do (Walsh)
RELATION to Head of Family – Head; Wife; daug; Do (daug); from Page 16] daug; “
CONDITION as to Marriage – Mar; “; Unmarried; from Page 16]
AGE last birthday of
Males – 45
Females – 41; 21; 12; from Page 16] 8; 4
Rank, Profession or OCCUPATION – Boot & Shoe Maker; Formerly Stuff weaver; Laundress; Scholar; from Page 16] Scholar; Do (Scholar)
WHERE BORN – Ireland - Marlboro; Do (Ireland) - Newtown; Yorks – Bradford; Do (Yorks) – Do (Bradford); from Page 16] Yorkshire – Bradford; Do (Yorkshire) Do (Bradford)

And here are images of the two pages of the 1881 Census, Reference: - R.G. 11/4446.

Sources: The National Archives, London, England and

To date, based on Andy’s 16 Ancestral Lines and simply by calculating it mathematically, we can extrapolate that this American Brunhammer is made up of 6¼% American; 12½% French; 37½% Irish; and 43¾% unknown, which may be a mix of Irish and English.




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