Part 127s - Smith Robertson Genealogy - New Scott Descendant Chart

23 November 2009


Sort of an overcast day today... which of course does not mean too much down here in Tampa. The sun is always just around the next cloud, and we could always use the rain.

I'm trying to see if I can cut down on my electric bill this next month, which of course is a big joke since it is more or less the beginning of the holiday season. I just thought that as it had increased by 32% this past month I would have to take some drastic measures to curtail the use of my dependency on the power grid. This month I'm trying not to put on the air conditioning or the heating. That may sound funny to some of you up North, but that's the Florida winter norm... one day hot, next day cold.

As promised I've created another Descendant Chart. This time my Scott Family line. As mentioned great-grandmother Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) Smith was my father's father's mother. See Parts 121s and 124s.

The inserted picture, thanks Zoë and Ray, is a small Smith family grouping including:

on the left great-grandmother Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) and in the middle great-grandfather William James. Four of their seven children are pictured including grandfather Hubert Lloyd in the back; granduncle Sidney Hutson; and grandaunts Louise Clare and Olive Esme.

The new Scott Descendant Chart is as follows:

This past weekend, I made contact with "new" family members and descendants of ggg-grandparents James and Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith. Welcome Suzanne and Lorna. I certainly appreciated your new information as we piece together our world-wide Smith family tree.

And supper last night was a variation on the Okonomiyaki recipe; this time with scallops, zucchini, and Napa cabbage. It really is so easy to make... and enjoy.




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