My Tangent - Grey and The Rats - How Many Days To Christmas?

13 December 2009

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Grey has been tormenting the Rats all day today. It's as if he knows which button, so-to-speak, to push and he's got the rats scampering and yap-yap-yapping, hell-bent-for-leather. (Check out when I introduced Grey tormenting the Rats.)

This morning I watch him on top of the white bird of Paradise plant, which stands beside the screen enclosure, just daring them to come up and get him. He was sitting at about 10 feet above the deck, while the two Rats were having manic, conniption fits.

The emotions were running pretty high. Tinker then turned around and started chomping out at Bella, and then Tobi, the Golden, sauntered on over to see what was causing the commotion. Grey jumped up and down... and then scampered off into the trees.

And it's been going on all day... And now as I type this, I have two 11 pound Rats staring up at me, asking, with their two pair of eyes... "Please let us out so we can run down the hill, squeeze through the fence, climb the trees, and get that damn Grey!" And I'm a sucker for begging, canine eyes.

We're back.

And how many days left until Christmas? Quilts by esSBee are still available. Five more are in process of being completed. A new series, based on Turkish glass mosaic lamps are under way.




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