Part 142gc- Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1890 Marriage – Great-Grandparents Joseph James Goodey & Mary Alice Crossley

09 December 2009


And I continue with the time-line of great-grandmother Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey’s life. Following up on Parts 140c and 141c, the next major event of her life, from this perspective, is her marriage to great-grandfather James Joseph Goodey on the 28th of July 1890.

This document, the Marriage Certificate was actually the first document I received when I began this whole thing called genealogy. A copy of the original was passed to me via England via Jamaica via British Columbia via Florida locations.

My transcription –
1890 – MARRIAGE –
Solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Littleborough, IN THE COUNTY OF LANCASTER
No. – 112
When Married. – July the twenty-eighth
Name and Surname – Joseph James Goodey, Mary Alice Crossley
Age. – 22, 24
Condition. – Bachelor, Spinster
Rank or Profession. – Clerk, -
Residence at the time of Marriage – Belfield Terrace near Rochdale, Sutcliffe St., Littleborough
Father’s Name and Surname. – George Goodey deceased, William Crossley deceased
Rank or Profession of Father. – Paper Maker, Cotton jobber

Married in the Parish Church, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, after Banns by me, William Wood, Curate
This Marriage was Solemnized between us, } Joseph James Goodey, Mary Alice Crossley}
In the Presence of us { Elizabeth Goodey, John Whitwell
I do hereby Certify that the above is a true Extract from the Register Book of Marriages, kept at the Parish Church of Littleborough, in the County of Lancaster.
Witness my hand, this 28th day of August 1890 Alfred Salts, LL.D., Vicar of the aforesaid Parish Church of Littleborough.

Next I was able to locate the Civil Registration Marriage Index listings for both names, Mary Alice Crossley and James Joseph Goodey.

Sources: England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes, General Register Office,
London, England and

You will note that the detailed reference information provided for both on Pages 65 and 106 in the MARRIAGES registered in July, August, and September 1890 Index corresponds:
District – Rochdale
Vol. – 8e.
Page – 36

I was able to order and get a Certified Copy Of An Entry Of Marriage from the General Register Office (GRO) in London. As you can see that the GRO at that time spent the effort typing up the information from the copy maintained in the Civil Register. Today the process is a wee bit more efficient. A scanned copy of the Register entry is cut and pasted onto the Certified Copy.

Sources: England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes, General Register Office,
London, England

I do not see the need for me to transcribe this typed and printed copy. But something worthy of note is the date 17 July 2002 for the Application Number PAS 815926. This is the first copy of a document that I ever ordered in the beginning of my trek into this adventure of genealogy and ancestry research. My apology, the scanner that I had at the time was not able to scan the complete, over-sized, and full document. I had to fold it in half and take two pictures. I then pasted them back together using the software Corel Draw.

One question – Does anyone know the name of the Parish Church that great-grandparents Joseph James and Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey were married in? I am trying to locate a picture of the actual building.

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