Part 150p – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1841 Birth – GG-Grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley

14 December 2009


Before I get into my genealogy, this evening, I attempted yellow split pea and ham soup; for supper tonight with a mushroom salad. Well I didn’t have any carrots so I substituted some sweet potatoes. I threw in a hot pepper from the garden, thyme and marjoram, onion, and left out the garlic this time. But I thought that I would add in cilantro and culantro.

And I stink of bleach… I have just finished scrubbing down the second half of the pool deck. One heck of a lot more mold this year, and the Cyprus trees are dropping their needles which have a most gracious tendency of squeezing through the grid in the screen onto the deck and into the pool. And I couldn’t figure out why the pressure of the water through the hose was strong enough. Got that fixed and the next thing I know the hose has gone wild and is spraying water into the house. I’m a klutz!

My apologies to my ancestors, but I suppose I can’t always be super serious.

Following as a next step from the 1863 of gg-grandparents William and Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley, Part 149cp, I thought that I would present the data and details, and the justification I have regarding their births and deaths. So that you are forewarned, my proof, which of course may change as more exacting information is presented, is based on that which I have been able to compile over these past few years. If you have any questions or comments regarding my thought processes and my proof, please comment to the Posting or email me.

I begin with gg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley. Per the 1863 Marriage Entry, her age is entered as 23 years. A quick calculation would mean that she was born circa 1840, give or take a year. From existent England Censuses after the 1863 marriage, I found the following information regarding her age and where she was born.

1871 – 30 – Downham, Lancashire
1881 – 40 – Twiston, Lancashire
1891 – 50 – Lancashire, Lancashire

My sources for the three England Census pages inserted at the left are and

I know Lancashire is Lancashire is Lancashire, and the distance from Downham (1871) to Twiston (1881) is about 2.2 miles (3.54 kms) or about 41 minutes walking. When I type “Downham, Lancashire, England”, into the search box for Google Maps, the system immediately defaults to “Downham, Clitheroe, Lancashire, United Kingdom”. The same thing happens when I type in “Twiston, Lancashire, England””. The map brought up fixes on Downham and Twiston which are northeast of Clitheroe.

But here’s the rub, there are at least six Elizabeth Parkers indexed as being born in Clitheroe during 1839 and 1843.

Will close this Post at this point. Stay tuned for the development of the search for the real ancestral identity of great-great-grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley.




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