My Tangent - Cloud Computing and Genealogy, Again - 2010 Jan Resolutions

02 January 2010

And it just hit me, just as a point of note, that there are two other genealogy offerings out there in the Cloud that I’ve been using for some time now: GeneaNet from France and Genes Reunited from England. See what I mean when I say my head is in the clouds.

I began my genealogy pursuit and hunt using the Internet in 2003. The technology has been there for some time. The world is catching up, and the entrepreneurs are more than realizing the money that can be made with this type of thing. It’s all so mind boggling that the data overload can really confuse me at times. None of this for free. The subscriptions, memberships, per image views and downloads all cost money. The enticements are the small and incremental “carrots” to sell the services. The idea is to try and figure out how one can get a hold of the data without breaking the bank.

So here goes the new list of Resolution for January, 2010 –

Smith Robertson Genealogy –

  • Review the current James Smith Descendant Chart and check if I have been able to capture any corresponding vital record documents
  • Review current Indenture images on file and begin schedule of transcription
  • Review the current Robertson Descendant Chart and begin to capture any corresponding vital record documents.
  • Follow up with new data, testings and information regarding my Smith Y-DNA and mtDNA
  • Start a review of document images on file

Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy -

  • Progress with population to new TMG database
  • Review the current Brunhammer Descendant Chart and begin to capture any corresponding vital record documents
  • Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – Receive Doherty-related mtDNA testing results
  • Start a review of document images on file

Blog/Website -

  • Examine alternatives to increase readers
  • Review Cloud Computing
  • Determine the first level of flow to incorporate the four major topics of my Blog: Smith Robertson Genealogy; Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy; Quilts; and My Tangents

Quilting -

  • Complete African Drum Series quilts
  • Take pictures of and post first completed African Drum quilt
  • Complete new designs of Turkish mosaic series and determine fabric for first




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