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14 January 2010


The records transcriptions continue. This morning’s is a Last Will and Testament of one Alexander Drysdale entered to the Grenada Register of Records on 31 December 1799. The Smith mentioned in the Will is one Gavin Smith, Surveyor, who is appointed as one of the Executors. All-things-being-equal I have come across the name of Gavin Smith a few times in my research and at this point I have not been able to find any genealogical connection to ggg-grandfather James.

The two pages are –

My transcription –
Entered 31st December 1799
In the Name of God Amen I Alexander Drysdale of
the Town of St. George in the Island aforesaid Plumber being at present sound in
mind but thinking myself in a poor state of health have determined to make
this my last Will & Testament and hereby Nominate & Appoint James Drysdale
(my Brother) of the Island aforesaid Surgeon, Gavin Smith of the said Island
Surveyor, Robert Martin of the Town of St. George & island aforesaid Merchant
and Anthony Wilson of the said Town of St. George Mason my Executors in Trust
as follows Viz After paying all my lawful debts I give and bequeath to my
Sister Susannah Drysdale now residing in North Britain, One half of my
property personal and real. The other half of my said property I give and
bequeath to my said Brother James Drysdale and my natural Son John Drysdale
a free coloured child to be divided equally between them share and share alike
Item. I request and it is my earnest wish that my female Slave named Ritta
and her young mulatto female childe named _____ be made free as soon as
possible after my decease and that the expense of this manumiʃsion shall be paid
out of my said property. Item. An account of her faithful services that the sum
of Fifty Pounds Current Money of the said Island shall be paid to the said Ritta
out of my said property as soon as my said Executors may be poʃseʃsed of funds
sufficient out of my said property. Item Sixteen Pounds ten shillings currency
to be paid to Princeʃs the Mother of the said Ritta for her attention to me during
my illneʃs Dated at St. George’s Grenada this Sixteenth day of December
One thousand hundred and Ninety-Nine.

Alexd Drysdale LS
Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of
Geo: Garry & I. Finlay & H. Douglas.
As Codicil to my said will I give and bequeath to Madelaine free woman of
the said Island Sixteen Pounds ten Pounds currency as a reward for her care of me
during my illneʃs.
Alexd. Drysdale
Before His Excellency Charles Green Esquire Captain General and Governor in
Chief in and over the Island of Greanda and the Grenadines thereon dependant
Chancellor Vice Admiral Ordinary of the _____ _____ ______ ______
Personally appeared George Garry of the said Island Taylor who being duly Sworn
Maketh Oath and saith that he was present and did see the within named Alexander
Drysdale sign seal publish and deliver the within paper writing as and for his last
Will and Testament and that at such time the said Alexander Drysdale was of sound
disposing mind memory and Understanding and that the name Alexander Drysdal

As appears Subscribed to the Execution thereof is of the proper hand Writing
of the said Testator and that the same was executed in the presence of this
deponent and of James Finlay and John Douglas both of the said Island And
this Deponent further saith that the names George Garry, James Finlay and John
Douglas as the same appears subscribed as Witneʃses to the Execution of the said
Will are of the proper hands Writing of this Deponent and the said James
Finlay and John Douglas respectively and that the same were subscribed in
the presence of the said Testator
George Garry
Sworn before me this 19 day of December 1794
Chas. Green

The image of the Last Will and Testament from pages 202 and 203 of the Register were extracted from the microfilm FHL [1563328].

And the work goes on.




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