Part 183b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1890 Marriage – Eugene Brunhammer & Anne Walsh

22 January 2010


And the monsoon season is back. The street flooded last night and as the washing machine went on the fritz, I’ll have to get out my backup washer. I can see myself in the street with a wash-board.

Oh well. (Sorry, not intended to be a pun.)

Yesterday I stumbled on a prize; the 1890 Marriage Registration of Andy’s great-grandparents Eugene Brunhammer and Anne Walsh. After a few years of searching and digging the Brunhammer Family Genealogy, more and more of the pieces, albeit documents, are turning up.

A series of FHL microfilms, actually 290 reels provide the Records of births, marriages, and deaths of New Jersey for the years 1848 through 1900.

The actual microfilm is FHL [495709] is Marriages Atlantic-Hudson v. 18 1889-1890.

The page image was too large for the Minolta scanner so I had to cut it into two parts and save two images. I then them together as best as I could using Corel Draw and was able to produce a single image of the Registration. Please excuse the shading at the join as I did not work on the gradients of gray for each piece. Here’s the highlighted page from the Register.

My transcription –
Index Register of Marriage in Gloucester City, Camden County, 1889 90.
No. – 16
Name. – Brunhammer, Eugene
Township. –
Yr. – 22
Mo. –
Color. –
Township or City of Residence. – Glouces City
Occupation. – Mill hand
Nativity. – Fra.
Nativity of Parents.
Fa. – Fra.
Mo. – Fra.
Number of Marriage. – -
Name. – Walsh, Anne
Yr. – 21
Mo. –
Township or City of Residence – Glouces City
Nativity. – Eng.
Nativity of Parents.
Fa. – “ (Ire.)
Mo. – “ (Ire.)
Number of Marriage. – -
Place of Marriage. –
Mo. – 5
Day. – 27
Person Officiating. –

As best as I can read from this Entry, it appears that the date of great-grandparents Eugene and Anne (née Walsh) Brunhammer’s wedding was Tuesday, 27 May 1890.

And following this discovery I came upon, in another New Jersey Register the Birth Registration of Grandfather Harry Brunhammer. Stay-tuned as I have to do a similar type of piecing job.




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