Part 217s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Indenture Research – 1817 James Smith – A Quick Follow-up

21 February 2010


Subsequent to receiving power of attorney from William McIntosh the 16th of August, 1816, James Smith then by Letter of Substitute nominates Laurence Vonweiller his power of attorney on the 21st of May, 1817. And then, the two Documents are entered to the Grenada Register of Records, respectively on the 5th and 6th of August 1817. (See Part 216s.)

All-things-being-equal the James Smith on both Records has to be the same person. Both are recorded of Saint George, Grenada. Both are registered as Mill Wrights, and both are assigned as Attorney to William McIntosh.

Here is the short Letter of Substitution from bottom half of page 135 of the Grenada Register of Records, 1817-1837 (v. G2-R2) and found on the microfilm FHL [1563329].

My transcription –
Entered 6th August 1817
Grenada     Know all men by these presents that I James Smith
of the Parish of Saint George in the Island of Grenada Mill Wright the Constituted
attorney of William McIntosh of the City of Glasgow named in the Letter of Attorney
with Written bearing date the Sixteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred
and Sixteen for Divers food Causes me hereunto moving have nominated Constituted
and appointed and by these presents by Virtue and in performance of the power of
Substitution in me Vested in and by the Said Letter of Attorney do nominate Constitute
and appoint and in my place an stead put Laurence Vonweiller of the town
of St George in the Island of Grenada to be my Lawful Substitute and Attorney
of the Said William McIntosh for him and in his name and for his use to
perform transact and Execute all and Every the Trusts powers matters and things
therein Confided to me Hereby for myself and for him and in his name granting
to my Said Substitute the powers and authorizes in me vested for all and every the
purposes therein Contained and ratifying and Confirming all and whatsoever he
Shall lawfully do by Virtue and in pursuance of the Said Letter of Attorney.
In Witneʃs whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this twenty
first day of May one thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen

James Smith (LS)
Sealed and Delivered in the presence of F. Reneaud, Robert Ferguson
Grenada Acknowledge Before me James Smith the party
Executing the Within deed Poll or Power of Substitution as and for his free
and Voluntary Act and Deed this Sixth day of June one thousand eight
Hundred and Seventeen.

Owsley Rowley D. Regr.
Next to come... What’s this about a Mill Wright?




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