My Tangent – I’m Stuck In The Heat Transcribing Genealogy

13 June 2010

big_fire.gif - (23K) I haven’t done anything this afternoon. I plopped myself at my PC and have been succumbed to transcribing in the search and the research of the genealogy and ancestry of ggg-grandfather James Smith.

And I found out that someone or something had invaded my Facebook Chat account. I rarely use Chat accounts and I most definitely have tried not to include Facebook Chat on my communications agenda. I was a bit confounded when “Me” was trying to chat with me. All virus checks, Norton, Malware, and MS Defender all account for a safe and clean environment.

Thanks to all who just ignored the malicious enticement. I appreciate the comments that “this was beyond Jim” and “this is not Jim’s style.”

And next the air-conditioning unit in our house appears to be on the fritz. Thermostat is set at 72˚ F and the house is being cooled at 86˚F. Too damn hot! Outside it is a balmy, windless, clear sunny sky, 95.5˚ F. And the undeniable fact is that it, the AC unit had just been overhauled… supposedly. Some other filter gizmo was old and not caught. It was rusted though. Well it’s now on route to be fixed. Praise be that I set up for a service account. We are entitled to reasonable discounts.

Now to continue with my Transcription Project… I do not have to run my PC up close to the pool.




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