Part 317o – Olton Genealogy – Some Research Aids

12 July 2010


Happy National Pecan Pie Day… I wonder if you get many pecan pies in Ontario, California, or Austria?

I thought I would pass on a couple of ideas regarding the search and research for Manfred Percival Olton. You can see a Time Line of his life listed under my Analyses tab below the header.

There is a limited preview of this book – Genealogies of Barbados Familes: From Caribbeana The Journal of Barbados Museum and Historical Society – online at Google Books . Some of the key Olton pages are missing from the online Google version.

The book is actually available through for $55.00. There are some used versions available from $44.50 to $217.55. plus shipping. There are also new versions offered for between $52.00 to $200.62 plus shipping. The Amazon deal appears to be the best deal.

There is a copy of the same book at the Toronto Public Library. There are also copies at the Sacramento Public Library and the Hillsborough County Public Library in Tampa.

World Vital Records has Genealogies of Barbados Families cross-referenced online at their website. The book has been indexed and there are 69 hits for the surname Olton. Main issue here, you may need to have a membership subscription.

Check out the following by Donald L. Hinson, Jr. – Barbados Family Research Reference Guide.

Another good source is The Monumental Inscriptions In The Churches And Churchyards Of The Island of Barbados, British West Indies by Vere Langford Oliver dated 1915 at There are seven Olton hits. He, Oliver, is also the author of the Caribbeana Volumes. In The Monumental Inscriptions there is a Samwel Perry Olton.

There are six Collections indexed and available at the new Family Search Beta site that all may relate to births, baptism, marriages, and deaths in Barbados.




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