Part 327s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1918 Marriage HL Smith & JLE Abraham

04 August 2010

A wonderful good morning… and a thank you very much to Bernard.

Via email from London and Sweden I received a very nice gift yesterday; the Marriage Announcement from the 5 April 1918 edition of The Daily Chronicle. It is the Marriage Announcement of my grandparents Hubert Lloyd and Jeanne Lucie Ernestine (née Abraham) Smith. Per the Announcement, they were married 3 April 1918 at the St. James-the-Less Anglican Church in Kitty, Demerara, British Guiana (now Guyana).

From Zoë’s and Toni’s files we have had a copy of their 23 March 1918 marriage Licence.

And from a 2010 online copy of the Stabroek News, referencing a 30 June 2009 article in the Guyana Review I found images and a brief history of the St. James-the-Less Anglican Church.

It is amazing what can be found and how information can be communicated today online. This is the Internet.

Just think of what grandfather Hubert Lloyd could of imagined of his grandchildren's future when he went to work at the W.I. and P. Telegraph Company.

Thank you, Bernard, Toni, and Zoë.




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