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27 October 2010


The search continues. And continues... and continues.

The next Indenture to be worked on in the search for the origins and genealogy of ggg-grandfather James Smith is of the Grenada Registers of Records and is found in Item 5 of the microfilm FHL [1563379]. I can honestly say that this Document certainly is not one of the easier ones that I’ve tackled.

All-things-being-equal there does not appear to be any intimation or hint of a relationship or any connection to ggg-grandfather James. And so the trek carries on.

The images of Pages 73, 74, and 75 follow

Please bear with me regarding my transcription work. There are a number of words and names that I cannot make out. Here is my transcription –



Entered 14 March 1817
This Indenture made this twenty eighty day of October in the year of Our Lord One
thousand eight Hundred and Sixteen Between Archibald Smith of Jordan Hill
Adam Crooks John Guthrie John Ryburn and Andrew
Rankin all of the City of Glasgow Merchants and Copartners of the one part and William
Stuart of the Island of Grenada in the West Indies Esquire of the other part Witnesseth that for
and in Consideration of the Sum of Five Shillings of Lawful Money of Great Britain to the said
Archibald Smith --- Adam Crooks, John Guthrie John Ryburn and Andrew Rankin at or
before the Sealing and Delivery of these Presents the receipt Whereof is hereby acknowledged
and for other good Causes and Considerations them herein to Moving They the said Archibald
Smith Adam Crooks John Guthrie John Ryburn and Andrew Rankin has and each of
them Hath bargained and Sold and by these presents Do and each of them Doth bargain
and Sell unto the said William Stuart his Executors administrators and a∫signs all the
Plantation or Estate Commonly called or Known by the name of Madey? Estate? or being now
being in the Parish of Saint Patrick in the Island of Grenada Containing now of one? hundred? and?


Sixty one French Quarres of Land equal to Five hundred and fifteen English Statute Acres
to the _____ more or le∫s bounded as therein particularly mentioned or howsoever the same
was abutted and (founded? lying and being And All Me∫suages Mills Mill Houses Toiling?
Houses _____ Houses and All other Buildings Whatever on the Same Plantation or Estate or
Upon any part thereof erected and Built and All Singular the Rights Members and _____
Appurtenances And Also all and every the Negroes and other Slaves now upon or belonging
to the said Plantation Part? or Parcel of Land and the names and _____ of the whole member of
whom are Mentioned and Set down in the Schedule hereunder Written being in Number
One Hundred and forty six Males and females together with all the i∫sue and increase of
Such of the said slaves as are ^females born or hereafter to Born And All horses Sheep and Cattle Whatsoever
and All Plantation Utensils Whatsoever to the said Me∫suages Plantation Lands Hereditaments
and Premises as any or any of them or any parts of them belonging or in any wise appertaining
or with them or any of them Occupied po∫se∫sed or enjoyed or accepted reputed _____ taken or Known
that parcel or member thereof and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders
Yearly and other Rents i∫sues and _____ thereof and of every part and parcel thereof To Have
And To hold the said Plantation Lands Slaves Stock Hereditaments and All and Singular other
the Premises hereinbefore mentioned or intended to be hereby Bargained and Lots and every part
and parcel thereof With their and every of their Appurtenances unto the said William
Stuart his Executors Administrators and A∫signs from the day next before the day of the date
of these Presents for and during and Unto the full end and term of One Whole Year from thence
next ensuring and fully to be Compleat and ended Yielding and Paying therefore the rent of
On Pepper Corn at the expiration of the said Term if the same shall be lawfully demanded
To the intent and Purpose that by Virtue of these presents and by force of the Statute made for
transferring Uses into Po∫se∫sion he the said William Stuart may be in the Actual Po∫se∫sion
of All and Singular the said Hereditaments and Premises hereby granted bargained and
Sold With the Appurtenances and thereby be enabled to Accept and take a Grant and Release
of the Force unto Reversion and Inheritance thereof to him and his Heirs To for and Upon Such
Uses Trusts Intents and purposes as shall be limited Mentioned and declared Concerning the same
in and by one other Indenture intended to bear date the day next After the day of the date hereof
In Witness whereof the said Parties to these Presents have Hereunto Set their Hands and
Seals the day and Year first Above Written.

Schedule to Which the forgoing Indenture refers
Mary Anne
DaenaheSt MarkNicliolaFanchistteRosietteSilvie
DumoSt JohnSilveshGenvieveRosalieJean Rose
EloisLegolasBlakeJean ClairRasinBella
FrancoisTousaintTomasJean LuiseRoseMoetty
GeorgeFailainNoyeauJustineSimoneA Child (not Yet Named)
GregoireTincentA child Not Yet NamedJeannetteTherese
Jean PierrGeorge CruikshankFemalesJeannetteTalmanJeannie
Jean BaptisteAdamAmeyLouis AnnieHariotFanchon
Feaie?CalaisAdelaideLizetteEailein?Mary Janne
Jean PascalElliot?AaneLusilleFateureThree Young Children Not Yet Named
JourdainGilbertAlsire?Mary BellairSilvie
Jean IdealJackAdelaideMary ZabethAlenaice
LewisJohn PhilipBigotteMary CharlotteAngel
Maraton?GeorgeClinonneMargeuritteMary Rose
Manuel?GregoireDenise HoMalanaeMartha
MarshallJohnEutalieMary ReinMannette
_____John DennisFemessia?Mary ClairMadlouette

Archibald (LS) Smith by his Attorney John Lindsay Adam (LS) Crooks by his Attorney John Lindsay
John (LS) Guthrie by his Attorney John Lindsay John (LS) Ryburn by his Attorney John Lindsay
Andrew (LS) Rankin by his Attorney John Lindsay
Wm (LS) Stuart


Sealed and Delivered in the presence of
F. Browne
Grenada Acknowledged before me by John Lindsay Esquire as the Attorney in the Name
of and as and to the several and respective free and voluntary Act and Deed of Archibald Smith
Adam Crooks John Guthrie John Ryburn and Andrew Rankin five of the Persons executing
the Within Indenture by him the said John Lindsay as Such Attorney as Aforesaid this fourteenth
day of March in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight Hundred and Seventeen
Owsley Rowley D. Reg

A new Indenture begins on Page 75 but it appears that I did not get the complete copies of the Document when I had the microfilm. I will have to revisit the same in order to acquire the subsequent pages.

My next work was entered to the Registers 3 July 1817. I never know what to expect, so stay tuned.




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