Part 414j – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1787 Marriage – Pierre July and Jeane Colominiere

05 December 2010

Early Morning,

I just read one of those slips of papers that one is not supposed to eat when one breaks open a Fortune Cookie… and it read, “A broken clock is always correct twice a day.” I would have never understood that insignificant saying on that shred of paper 30 or 40 years ago. What a truism. What a quiet epiphany.

And I continue with the trek and journey I have chosen in my search for the knowledge and understanding of my genealogy and ancestry.

Following up to my Posting, Part 413j I have acquired the registration entry of the Acte de Mariage of my gggg-grandparents Pierre July and Jeane Colominiere.  The Acte de Mariage, Marriage Registration is from the Parish Registers of the Catholic church Sainte-Marie de Sarlat.  (The inserted image is of Sainte-Marie of Sarlat-Le-Canéda, by Christophe Finot, 2007.)

I have downloaded an image of the page of the registration from the microfilm FHL [1415457].

And this is my attempted transcription. Any assistance would certainly be most welcome.

de Pierre July
et de Jeane

Le premier mai mil Sept Cent quatre vingt Sept après La publication
des bans _____ _____ trois Dimanches du _____ de La me∫∫es, Sans quoi _____ _____
auquel _____ _____ Civil ou Canonique, _____ _____ La benediction nuptiale
Pierre July journalier fils Legitime de Pierre July et de Magdelaine Vaurigeau
habitants de La _____ _____ et Jeane Colominiere fille Legitieme de ∫ieur Luis?
Colominier et de Catherine _____ Sabalt habitante au∫∫i de Cette ville. Temoins
asité Pierre July pere, Etienne July frère du _____ dit epouse, Jean deplas?
et Jean Leglige qui _____ de signer ont declare ne ∫avoir; _____ _____ _____


My translation –

of Pierre July
and of Jeane

The first of May, 1787 after the publication of banns _____ _____ _____ three
Sundays of the Mass, Otherwise _____ _____ which _____ _____
Civil or Canonical _____ _____ The nuptial blessing, Pierre July,
agricultural worker, legitimate son of Pierre July and of Magdelaine Vaurigeau?,
residents of _____ _____ and Jeane Colominiere, legitimate daughter
of Mr. Luis? Colominiere and of Catherine _____ di Sabalt? also residents
of this city. The Witnesses attended, Pierre July the father, Etienne July
brother of the said husband, Jean de _____, and Jean Leglige who _____ of
signing declared not to know; _____ _____ _____





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