My Tangent – 1313 Cemetery Lane – A Genealogy Hunt Table of Contents, Sort of…

19 February 2011


The house is open here in Tampa, and the weather is great. The Pack is walked and fed. This morning’s breakfast fare was baby bok choy scrambled eggs… Not bad for a very low carb-diet start.

And I’ve sneezed close to 30 times. It is the attack of the “killer” pollen grains time. They’ve returned with a vengeance.

And every yard is beginning to green up on the street, except for the next door neighbor’s. Their front lawn, albeit lack thereof, looks like S#@*, strewn with three-week old newspapers and broken accent lights. Their pool is a black pit of ooze and it all reminds me of 1313 Cemetery Lane. I keep expecting to catch a glimpse of Lurch moving somewhere behind the ramshackle fence.

A number of readers have asked me if I could create a table of contents/index as a companion to A Genealogy Hunt. And as I mentioned earlier I am always looking for ways to assist with looking up information and cross-referencing previous Posts in my Blog. To date there are now over 600 Posts and I have touched on a number of surnames as well as associated topics.

I began working on one in Excel 2010. Excel has the hyperlink capability and I am listing my Posts by surname and date. It is working quite well. (Thank you to those who tried it out.) The question is “how will I provide an immediate access to any reader of A Genealogy Hunt?”

One thing I did discover is that if I email the Excel spreadsheet which has an XLSX extension to a gmail address, Google does an immediate conversion of the Excel 2010 file to a Google Docs spreadsheet. This is great. The issue is, of course, not everyone has a gmail address.

Stay-tuned for the updates.




Tessa Keough on February 21, 2011 at 10:20 AM said...

I nominated you for the Ancestor Approved Award - please take a look at my post (sorry I am late but forgot to "pass it on via email or comment." As the post mentions if you have already received this award just note it on your blog! I am not sure if nominated is the right word (everyone else uses it) but I am actually passing the award on - "you have already won!"

You have an excellent blog and interesting topics. Thanks for sharing your family history.

Jim Smith on February 21, 2011 at 11:42 AM said...

Thank you Tessa. What a surprise, and thank you for the recognition. Jim

m.a. farrell said...

Just curious; could there be dead bodies moldering at 1313, after all this time?

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