Part 448s – Smith Genealogy – J-mtDNA Results Again - Castex, Merle, Clergeau, Rénier, Chevalier, Clopath, Charbonnier

05 February 2011


In the pursuit of our genealogy, the J-mtDNA results, following up on Part 447s , are critical in determining a possible match which could lead to the discovery of a most common ancestor. Of the FamilyTree DNA accessible and open records, ZC’s mt-DNA results matched 13 High Resolution (HVR1 + HVR2) sets.

To date we have received four responses. All-things-being-equal there could be an ancestor-in-common in any one of these four matches but the documentary and paper trails currently do not provide the clues. Still nine more returned replies are in the works… hopefully.

The following are ZC’s J-Haplogroup differences relative to the Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS). These are the differences that are used to match to possible corresponding others. A match means a possible connection. Per FamilyTree DNA, "A match on HVR1 and HVR2 has a 50% chance of a common ancestor within twenty-eight generations. That is about 700 years."

The immediate differences results from the Cambridge Reference Sequence are as follows:

HVR1 – 16069T; 16126C; 16145A; 16172C; 16222T; 16261T; and 16519C

HVR2 – 73G; 242T; 263G; 295T; 315.1C; 462T; and 489C

Based on the current results, and our documentation and paper trail we are able to get back on our grandmother Jeanne Lucie Ernestine (née Abraham) Smith/Mann’s maternal line to her great-grandmother, our great-great-great-grandmother Jeannette Etienette (née Castex) Merle. That is about back to, give-or-take a couple of years, 1810. That’s Two Centuries… of paper trails. There’s still quite a bit of searching left to be done…

But in the mean-time we can add some additional family members to this pool of J-mtDNA results. Yann and his siblings are also direct descendants of great-great-grandmother Catherine Cora (née Merle) July. Their great-grandmother Marie Eugéne Berthe (née July) Clergeau and Rénier was a younger sister to my great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham.

Based on the mtDNA theory and application daughters and their children should also carry the J-mtDNA. This will add surnames, from the connected families – Castex, Merle, Clergeau, Rénier, Chevalier, Clopath, and Charbonnier.

The list of surnames included in this J-mtDNA grouping now includes - Abraham, Castex, Charbonnier, Chevalier, Clergeau, Clopath, Emery, July, Merle, Olton, Rénier, Smith, Titus, and Vogt.

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