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13 February 2011


Last night I thought that I would reproduce an Ascendancy Chart which incorporates relevant and associated DNA information. There is so much that I need to learn, (self-imposed), regarding my genetic genealogy. A fair reference work, Genetic Genealogy, is available on Wikipedia.

In my work I thought that I would like to have a visual representation of genetic pedigree or my ancestry and bloodline. My Chart simply provides the YDNA - R1b1b2a, and mtDNA - H1a1 and J1b, Haplogroup designations of my ancestors.

Oxford Dictionaries defines bloodline as “a set of ancestors or line of descent of an important person.” My question, “Do you have to be an important person to have a bloodline?”, as according to Oxford Dictionaries. (I'll reserve my comments.)

I stumbled upon, in my research a website, Modern Software Experience, by Tamara Jones, which is right up my alley. Check out the page “What is genealogy?

And thank you Megan Smolenyak for the brief moment of your time yesterday in Largo. Yes, I do have a triple whammy – The most common name in the English Language, Smith… The most common of European YDNA haplogroup – R1b1b2a, and one of the most common of mtDNA classifications – H1a1.

And so I continue to search for my most common, "important" person in my ancestry. Hah!




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