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03 March 2011

Good Day…

The next set of results of the Robertson YDNA, Panels 2 and 3, that is, Locus/Markers 13 through 25, and 26 through 37 have been returned from Family Tree DNA. Each Locus is “a specific spot in the genome.” At each Locus, Family Tree DNA provides a test result of each DYS# and specific Allele value.

FTDNA explains that an Allele is “one of the different forms of a gene that can exist at a single locus. Since mutations in the allele value occur very slowly with time, one should see the same allele value for a male and his great-grandfather for example.

Thanks to G we now have the beginnings of the results of the first 37 Loci or Markers of the Robertson branch of our genealogy and Family Tree.

Also, at this point of the new results we can see the prediction of the Robertson Haplogroup. The haplogroups are the major branches on the Y chromosome tree, defined single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which have accumulated along different lineages as Y chromosomes are passed from father to son over many generations.

Presently there are 20 YDNA Haplogroups, primarily labeled A through and including T. Our Robertson Haplogroup is now predicted at R1b1b2. As this is for the short time a prediction, we will have a complete end result once the additional 38 through 67 Loci tests results have returned.

(See All About The Human Genome Project for additional and general information.)

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