Part 467s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Indenture Research – 1822 – Richard Oliver Smith – Intro

12 March 2011

Good day,

In the search for some hint or clue of the genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith and his immediate family, I have finally finished the 31 Pages of an Indenture finally dated 25 March 1822. A copy was entered to the Grenada Registers of Records on 9 May 1822.

My source of the Record is from the microfilm held at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The Smith-related Indenture is found in Item 8 of the microfilm FHL [1563379].

As this Document and the transcription work is long, and somewhat tedious I have decided to divide the pages and present them over six, hopefully, consecutive Postings on A Genealogy Hunt.

I did not find any blatant announcement of the genealogy of ggg-grandfather James Smith. This Document is most definitely applicable to Richard Oliver Smith and various members of his and his second wife’s family, the Broderips.

The names identified are included in this Indenture:
  • Richard Oliver Smith
  • Harriet Smith, his first wife
  • Mary (née Broderip) Smith, his second wife
  • Edmund Broderip the Elder, his father-in-law
  • Edmund Broderip the Younger, his brother-in-law
  • Sarah Dean, his mother
  • Mary (née Smith) Lewis, his sister
  • William Lewis, his brother-in-law
  • Grace (née Smith) Vyze, his sister
  • Edward Vyze, his brother-in-law
  • William Smith, his father
  • Richard Oliver, a distant cousin
  • James Evan Baillie
  • Hugh Duncan Baillie
  • George Henry Ames
  • William Manning
  • Frederick Manning
  • Robert Langley Appleyard
  • Thomas Stangways Homer
  • John Lavicount Anderdon
The other names are those names of Lawyers, Solicitors, Clerks, Mayors, other officials, and Slaves.

Enjoy your time and hopefully this document may fit into your ancestry search. Stay-tuned for the next Postings.



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