My Tangent – Woodpecker Dunce & Blue Jay Revenge

09 April 2011

Good Morning,

Walking the Pack most recently and in the early hours of the morning is at time a strain on the wee functions of my brain.

The Rats believe that every possible squirrel, bird, and human is, or are the focus of their most required greetings. It’s like trying to harness, literally two speeding wires which have never in their doggy lives experienced the front of their house. All comportment of dog school training is down the drain.

And the morning follies even extends to the clueless woodpecker who keeps on insisting on tap-tap-taping the top of the metal street lamp. I think that it may think that, as it, the light has been switched off, that his continual on-metal tap-tap-tapping might just trigger some soul at the Tampa Electric Company to turn it back on again. And of course, Bella, even though she is a dog, and a very small one at that, has the propensity to stalk up on every squirrel or bird that just so happens to be in her line of vision.

Well this time Bella goes wild over a Blue Jay… not of the baseball variety, but the winged type. She’s bouncing and screeching, and screeching and bouncing at the Blue Jay as he keeps himself just out of reach, clinging and hopping on the trunk of a pine tree. This goes on for a short bit… and then it happens. The Blue Jay at its wing-length teasing, poops right on top of Bella’s head. He takes a look, and then flies off. And Bella is all proud that she chased away the ferocious blue feather thing.

My morning walk begins with mayhem, and yelping, and tears streaming down my face. What a wonderful thing Nature is… And all three of the Pack sit quietly as I dish out their morning repast.

Enjoy. I now return to my genealogy research.



MaryAlice said...

Beautiful, Jim.

Jim Smith on April 9, 2011 at 12:29 PM said...

Thanks, Mary Alice.

paulatorrey on April 18, 2011 at 6:03 AM said...

You gotta LOVE Bella (stinky head and all) ;-) Love, p

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