Part 487r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1882 Birth & Baptism – John Merrifield Robertson

08 April 2011

Good Afternoon,

Wonders of wonders… who knows what information can be found when family members and relatives work together in the pursuit of a common genealogy.

I received a call last night from England. A new discovery… actually more than one, had been made. This discovery is pertinent to my, our Robertson Family Line. Grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson did have a couple more siblings. Thank you, Helen for the lead and the information.

I would like now to introduce to you John Merrifield Robertson. He, based on the Robertson Family Tree structure, is both Helen’s and my granduncle. The uniqueness of this find is that granduncle John’s middle name is his mother’s, great-grandmother Elizabeth Charlotte’s, maiden name, Merrifield.

The first image is of the pages 448 and 448 from the Birth registered in January, February, and March 1882. If you have any difficulty in viewing and enlarging the image I have inserted cuts of the headers and the actual listed entry for granduncle John Merrifield Robertson.

My transcription –
ROB] BIRTHS registered in January, February, and March 1882. 448
ROBERTSON, John Merrifield
District – Shoreditch
Vol. – 1 c.
Page – 76

I then discovered the Parish Registration of granduncle John Merrifield’s baptism. Per the document, Page 184, he was born 17 January 1882 and baptized 12 March 1882.

Here is the image of the Register Page. The Source citation is the London Metropolitan Archives, Holy Trinity, Hoxton, Register of Baptisms, P91/TRI, Item 002.

And my transcription –
Page 184
BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of Holy Trinity, Hoxton in the
County of Middlesex in the year One thousand
eight hundred and Eighty two.
When Baptised. – 1882 March 12 – Jan 17. No. 1472
Child’s Christian Name. – John Merrifield
Parents’ Name.
Christian. – Alexander Pirie & Elizabeth Charlotte
Surname. – Robertson
Abode. – 11 Parr St.
Quality, Trade, or Profession. – Warehouseman
By whom the Ceremony was performed. - W. Ett. Sotheby.

All source information is available and obtained through

I will be updating my Ancestral Charts shortly. Stay tuned for the next find.




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