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28 June 2011

I would say good morning, but...

It is now Day Number 4 without air-conditioning in the drones of Tampa. Current temperature at 8:23 am is 74°F or for you in the reaches of the Arctic Circle, that is 23.33°C. Wouldn’t be so bad if the humidity was not hovering at 80%. And exactly what does 80% humidity mean?

Well I know that I would be soaked at 100% humidity. So I was wondering what part of me, what 20% of me doesn’t feel sticky and clammy? The definition I just found for humidity is “the state or quality of being humid”. It can also mean the “dampness, especially of the air.” Well, hell… translated I would suppose it would mean here in Tampa, how fast the clothes you have on get soaked. And without air-conditioning that means that the humidity factor just quadruples.

So let’s see, what exactly did the lightning strike take out on our house? And you must remember that this house has the best of all supposed protection. The house has ZapCap surge protection. We pay for that. There are strip surge protectors throughout the house. We pay for those. There is homeowners insurance… and we definitely pay for that. And we are prepared… but not for this.

The strike destroyed the cooling fan and a control board in the air conditioning system. It zapped the pool lighting boards on both the in pool and the optical light systems. It half-fried the garage door opener which now does not want to stay closed. The lightning strike blew out at least four major lights in the front garden and part of the back garden lightning systems. And at this point I am not sure if that is all that has been affected, especially since Google Chrome browser seems to be taking its own sweet time to churn a functional search.

And our house is protected!!! It is hot! It is damp! It is clammy! And I am not a naturist! And just think about all the paper work and phone calls that I have had to and will have to complete. There is no such thing as having the proper protection… and this is a repeated occurrence since 2007.




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