My Tangent - The Parker Project - Italian Melt Grilled Cheese

23 July 2011


My genealogy software, GenePro hiccup has not been fixed, but where there is a will there is a way. As I mentioned I am sure that it has something to do with the recent Windows Service Pak update. But in the meantime I have to continue with my Parker Project.

Based on the downloads of images of pages from the Chapelry of Downham, in Lancashire, England, Parish register, as found on the microfilm FHL [1278942], I have attempted to recreate some Parker family groups. These groupings are constructed on the foundation of the Baptism and Marriage registrations available in this publication. Accordingly the microfilm of the Registers include baptisms of 1653 – 1887 and marriages of 1653 – 1837.

The inserted image is the Baptismal Font at St. Leonard Church in Downham. From the site, Some Churches and Chapels Near Clitheroe in Lancashire and Yorkshire, England.

As per usual there is the happenstance of the images of the pages becoming more and more deteriorated and illegible as I move back in time. My prime transcription and reading problem is that the script of the surname Parker and a surname Tasker, at times, is somewhat difficult to discern. All be that, I continue with the Parker Project.

Circumventing my GenoPro/Windows issue I have found that once I add new data to my Parker Descendant Chart, I have been able to save my work. The “go-around”, I save each new update to a brand new GenoPro .gno file with an incremental different title or name.

And catching up with declaration of my Grilled Cheese Sandwich per week, the last one was out of this world. The sandwich was an Italian Melt. Ingredients – slices of freshly baked Italian bread; fried pancetta; creamy Gorgonzola and fontina cheeses; and mildly pickled sliced onions. An orange was zested and mixed with some butter which was then spread on one side of each slice of bread.

The sandwich was assembled and then placed to cook in a non-stick frying pan. Two minutes on medium heat; flip – carefully; cover pan and cooked for 3 to 4 minutes. Man was that different and fantastic.

The recipe actually called for thin slices of vinegar-marinated fennel… but as I have never had fennel and do not have a penchant for the taste of licorice, however mild, I substituted with pickled onions. A note: not cocktail onions; pickled slices of Vidalia onions.
And now back to work on my Parker and Transcription Projects.

Have you figured out the 498882 yet?

Clues thus far – 498882; 3.4+ miles to Portland; and Butter Rum.




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