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14 August 2011


The 2nd set of insurance paper work is finished. There is no lightning overhead, as of yet… and I swear that I am not jinxed, or at least I should hope that I am not. Just think, this summer; Hit #1 – June 22nd; Hit #2 – August 12th. Does anyone know anything about complete house protective shields, shy of 1,500 ZapCap meters? And yes, JL I’m looking into lightning rods… but I think that they will not be of much help if the power surge comes through the ground and ground-low wiring.

In the continuing my Parker Project and my genealogy research and work, I have taken some time to re-create and update my Parker Descendant Chart. As more and more data and information is being uncovered I have had to take the route of creating two Descendant Charts to avoid visual impairment of me and my readers.

Here are the two new Charts: Parker Descendant Chart I

Parker Descendant Chart II

Please note that any new data and information, and the cross-references to A Genealogy Hunt Posts are in Red. I have attempted to identify those ancestors who are a part of my blood line with Blue symbols filled with Yellow.

Stay tuned for new information and data regarding my Yorkshire Parker Family Line you have any question and comments, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy. The sky is still clear.



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