Part 576ms – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1924 Marriage Registration – CEA McCullogh and IL Shannon – Montreal, Canada

21 September 2011

Good Morning,

This morning I have discovered the 1924 Marriage of Charles Edward Alexander McCullogh and Irene Louise Shannon. The 30 January 1924 marriage took place at St. Anthony’s Church in Montreal. As this appears to be a marriage of two persons of two religion backgrounds, the registration reads as if a special dispensation had to be obtained.

From the Drouin Collection of the Quebec Vital and Church Records, 1621 – 1967, here is the 1924 image of the Marriage Registration for great-granduncle Charles Edward Alexander McCullogh and Irene Louise Shannon.

And my attempted transcription –


M 4
Chas Ed A. McCullogh
Irene L. Shannon

This thirtieth day of January one thousand nine
hundred and twenty four considering the dispensa-
tion of the impediment of mixed religion and made
over that of the publication of the their? laws of
marriage, granted by the Right Reverend Alphonse
E. Deschamps Vicar General of Montreal to Char-
les Edward Alexander McCullogh, baptized
non-Catholic of Montreal, son of age of William
George McCullogh and Julia Adelaide Ald-
ridge of one part and to Irene Louise Shannon
of St. Anthony’s, daughter of age of late Patrick
Charles Shannon and late Elizabeth Jane Hanley
of the other part, no further impediment having
been made known as, the undersigned finest duly
authorized, have served? their mutual consent
of marriage in presence of Rev. C. L. Cormier
and May Knowles who have signed with the
contracting parties and us _____ read?

Alex McCullogh
Irene L. Shannon

C. L. Cormier _____
May Knowles

And I continue my search and research.




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