Part 581r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1804 Marriage – GGG-Grandparents Thomas Robertson and Agnes Miller – Glasgow, Scotland

07 October 2011


In my search and research I am currently following the life and genealogy of my maternal ggg-grandfather Thomas Robertson. In my previous post, Part 580r I discovered and learned of his 29 June 1780 birth and subsequent baptism at Oldhamstocks in Haddingtonshire.

It is now 1804 and he has now traveled west approximately 90 miles, 144 kilometers to Glasgow, or thereabouts. (See the blue line in the above cut-away map from Scotland.) It is 17 August 1804 and ggg-grandfather Thomas has married ggg-grandmother Agnes (née Miller). Also I have learned that his occupation is that of a Weaver. (From the details I am discovering about my ancestry don’t be too surprised if a loom appears in my house one day.)

I received a copy of the 1804 Marriage Registration extracted from an Old Parochial Register from the General Register Office in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here is the image.

My transcription –

Glasgow 29th July 1804.


Thomas Robertson, Weaver in Glasw & Agnes Miller,
Residenter there. Married 17th August by Mr William
Watson, Burgher Seceder Minister in Glasgow

But the question is where in Glasgow were ggg-grandparent Thomas and Agnes (née Miller) Robertson actually married? Was it in a Church? Was it at their home?

An interesting fact is that the gentleman who married ggg-grandparents Thomas and Agnes was one Mr. William Watson, a Burgher Seceder Minister, in Glasgow. My first thought is that if I can find Reverend Watson's congregation and "home church" I may just have an iota of a chance of determining a possible and most-likely location of the actual ceremony.

Stephen and I have been searching and researching documentation and publications specific to Mr. William Watson, a Burgher Seceder Minister. Stay-tuned... Who knows what we will turn up.




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