Part 582r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1841 Census – GGG-Grandparents Thomas and Agness (née Miller) Robertson – Barony, Scotland

09 October 2011

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And from the Florida depths and dreary day of a maybe so, maybe not tropical cyclone, we’re experiencing a depression down from somewhere in the hinterlands of the Canadian North. This means winter is coming. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that the chilly weather will begin on October and that winter temperatures will be below normal in the south. Full moon is slated for this Tuesday and Wednesday, 11th and 12th.

In my genealogy search and research I was able to obtain the 1841 Scotland Census pages showing the enumeration of ggg-grandparents Thomas and Agness (née Miller) Robertson.

I discovered the information first on, followed through to a search on, and then obtained the image via

My transcription –

Parish of Barony

5 & 6

1. Place – Here insert Name of Village, Street, Square, Close, Court, &e. – do (Drygate Toll);
Houses – Inhabited – 1

2. NAME and SURNAME, SEX and AGE, of each Person who abode in each House on the Night of 6th June. – NAME and SURNAME – Thomas Roberton; Agness Robertson; AGE – Male – 60; Female – 60

3. OCCUPATION – Of what Profession, Trade, Employment, or whether of Independent Means. – Cotton H L W

4. WHERE BORN – If Born in Scotland, state whether in County or otherwise. – No; Y
Whether Foreigner, or whether Born in England or Ireland. –

Note that the respective Ages of 60 of both ggg-grandfather Thomas and ggg-grandmother Agness are dependent upon a range. Instructions for completing the 1841 Scotland Census, specific to Age, was that “For persons of 15 years age and upwards…” the Age is entered as a number which is a multiple of 5. In other words, for the Age range of 60 to 65 the number “60” was to be entered. This means that my ggg-grandparents Thomas and Agness may have actually been 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, or 65. (See Part 580r regarding ggg-grandfather Thomas’ birth and baptism dates.)

An explanation of ggg-grandfather Thomas' occupation - Cotton H L W: Cotton Hand Loom Weaver.

The search continues…




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