Part 594d – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1763 Baptism – GGGG-Grandaunt Jean Dudgeon – Hume Mill, Scotland

21 October 2011

Good Day,

This morning for breakfast we had two surprises Whole Wheat German Pancake with Granny Smith Apples and a car accident. A non-alert-minimally-motivated vehicle driver plowed into the back of our Murano. Marginal damage, from the first glance to our car, but definitely she totaled her’s. Our bumper will have to be replaced.

Hurrah for smart-phones with cameras!!! And the Whole Wheat German Pancake was very good… Eggs, whole wheat flour, cane sugar, cinnamon, and milk, and of course sliced Granny Smith apples and baked in a 425° oven. (Recipe with pears from Whole Foods.)

Now on to my Genealogy.

Following immediately in the footsteps of her sister, gggg-grandaunt Rachel Dudgeon, the next baptism is that of gggg-grandaunt Jean Dudgeon (aka Dudgen). The date is 18 September 1763 and the location is in the Parish of Stichell and Hume.

According to my records, thus far, gggg-grandaunt Jean is the fourth child of ggggg-grandparents Thomas and Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon. She is fourth by order of Baptism date on record, not necessarily fourth by age order.

Here is the image –

And my transcription –

Sept 18

Thomas Dudgen and Janet Hope
in Hume mill Had a Dauter Baptized
Named Jean

Next Dudgeon, should be gggg-granduncle William. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your coffee,



Balantrodoch on October 24, 2011 at 5:41 PM said...

Jim, keep up the good work!!! Remember to post this info to your decendants Page so i can transfer to my Ancestor Page

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