Part 616b – Brunhammer Genealogy – 1881 Birth – Great-Grandaunt Lizzie Brunhammer – Gloucester City, New Jersey

04 January 2012

Good Day,

And I know that I have been in abstentia from A Genealogy Hunt these past couple plus weeks… sort of. I have been working on a transcription that is one mother of a number of pages. I think it is about 68 pages. All this in the search for the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith of Grenada…

But one never knows, especially this man here, what one may stumble across when you take a couple of minutes to check something else out. I just thought I would do a search on another one of the Families that I research. And that I did.

And I discovered, I think one of the six unnamed children of Andy’s great-great-grandparents Jacques (aka Jacob) and Marie (aka Mary née Katz) Brunhammer.

Based on records previously discovered, especially the 1900 United States Census of Delaware County in Pennsylvania, it is recorded of gg-grandparents Jacob and Mary Bernhemmer (aka Jacques and Marie Brunhammer) that Mary Bernhemmer had had 14 children.

Our research has never, as yet revealed whether the “missing” six children had been born in France or in the United States.

But here it is; I have discovered an entry, via, that per the New Jersey Deaths and Burial Index, 1798-1971, refers to one Lizzie Burnhammer. This Lizzie Brunhammer passed away as an infant at the age of 1 year and 4 months in Gloucester City, in Camden County, New Jersey. The data, transcribed from the Index also indicates that both her parents were born in France.

Eureka! This is Great-Grandaunt Lizzie Brunhammer. She was born about July 1881 in Gloucester City but died shortly thereafter. This also means that we now have on record that three of the original Brunhammers were born in the United States; great-granduncles Harry and Joseph, and now great-grandaunt Lizzie.

Amazing find… and just think of what is continuing to be revealed due to the power of the Internet.




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