Part 635s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Trying To Discover the Genealogy of Benjamin D’Harriette Smith

29 January 2012

Good Day,

In the process of my research and search for the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith in Grenada, in and around the years 1750 through 1850, or thereabouts, I have come across a number of Smith individuals. And as Smith just happens to be the most common surname in the English language, this search is quite a task.

The past numbers of Indentures from the Grenada Registers of Records, from the early 1800s have been particular to one Benjamin D’Harriette Smith. Is there a familial connection to ggg-grandfather James? I don’t know…nor have I come up or stumbled upon any hint or clue that may provide some insight.

I decided to see if I could construct, that is, actually begin the assembly of a D'Harriette / Smith Descendant/Ancestry Chart. To date I have discovered some sourced and some non-cited material online. Please note that I have not found any specific data or information immediately pertinent to Benjamin D’Harriette Smith.

The individuals included in the construction of this Chart are those who I have found in my search online. They have been referenced to for the most part from books I have located through Google Books, Internet, and from Please note that this is not necessarily completely sourced material or information. My simple logic is to identify and see if I can find the ancestry of Benjamin D’Harriette Smith. The information and data will be used a “stepping stone” to recognize and highlight a plausible relationship.

If you have any information regarding Benjamin D’Harriette Smith or if you have any comments or questions please free to contact me.

Stay tuned for my next transcription work of Item 4 of the microfilm FHL [1563378], a compilation of the Grenada Registers of Records. I note that the first Smith-related Document from Item 4 references Benjamin D’Harriette Smith.




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