Part 643a – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – Four Aldridge Baptism Registrations – 1849 - 1860

18 February 2012

Good Day,

Well today I stumbled upon some new info.

I discovered four baptismal records in the St. Peter’s Church Register from Liverpool, Lancashire, England. It really is amazing that when I might be looking for one thing I discover something completely different. This genealogy search and research is certainly a strange game.

I was looking for the death registration of my great-great-grandfather John Robertson’s first wife, Margaret (née Dennison).

From the information that I have gathered she may have died sometime between 1845 and 1849 and somewhere between Liverpool and London. I am almost there, I think.

But in the meantime, while I followed a tangent in the Registers of Liverpool I discovered four baptism registrations for JK’s great-great-grandmother Julia Adelaide (née Aldridge) McCullogh and three of her siblings; gg-grandaunts Sarah Elizabeth, and Maria, and gg-granduncle Thomas Henry Aldridge. The baptisms are registered: 1849; 1853; 1855; and 1860. All documents are from the Liverpool Register Office. Amazing stuff!

Here is my newly updated McCullogh / Aldridge / Christie Descendant Chart.

I will present each of the four baptism registration in subsequent Postings in A Genealogy Hunt.





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