Part 645a – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1853 Baptism and Birth Registration – GG-Grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth Aldridge – Liverpool, England

20 February 2012

Good Day,

In keeping with this train of genealogy (or perhaps genealogical) thought, here are two Pages from two Registers reflecting the baptism of JK’s great-great-grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth Aldridge. Also I have included the Births Registered in October, November, December 1853 Page.

This is where it becomes a wee bit confusing. According to the Births Registered Index gg-grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth Aldridge’s birth was registered in Liverpool sometime in the months of October through December in the Year 1853. The Baptism Register from the Parish Church of St. Peter as does the Bishops Transcript records the baptism as of 3 June 1853.

All-things-being-equal gg-grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth should have been born sometime prior to 3 June 1853. This means that all three of these mentioned documents do not indicate the actual date of her birth. To acquire the actual date of her birth one would have to obtain the birth date information from the 3rd Quarter Volume #8b and Page 142. The logical conclusion at this point is that she, gg-grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth Aldridge was born sometime before 3 June and that her parents may have been late in registering her actual birth.

Above is the Page ALD-ALL from the Births Registered in October, November, December, 1853.

My transcription –

NAME – Sarah Elizabeth
VOL – 8B
PAGE - 142

The next is the Baptism Register from the Parish Church of St. Peter in Liverpool. The image of the Register Page is downloaded from the Liverpool Record Office. The corresponding Reference Number is 283/PET/2/41.

My transcription –

[PAGE 151]

BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish Church of ST. PETER in LIVERPOOL, in the County of LANCASTER, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Three.

When Baptised. – 1853 June 3rd
No. 1203
Child’s Christian Name. – Sarah Elizabeth
Parent’s Name.
Christian. – Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth
Surname. – Aldridge
Abode. – Bedford St. North
Quality, Trade, or Profession. – Agent
By whom the Ceremony was performed. – I.J. Amos, Curate

The third Page is that of the Bishop Transcripts. It is also located at the Liverpool Records Office; number 283/PET/8/2. Here is the image.

And my transcription –

No. – 1203
June 3rd
Sarah Elizabeth / Thomas & Sara Elizabeth Aldridge Bedford St. North Agent

J.T. Amos Curate – do

And here is the new piece of information gg-grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth appears to be have been named for her mother, JK’s ggg-grandmother Sarah Elizabeth. It is a wonder how bit by bit pieces of information and data are gathered and accumulated from document to document.

Stay tuned for details on gg-grandmother Julia Adelaide (née Aldridge) McCullogh.




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