Part 648a – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1860 and 1861 Baptism and Birth Registration – GG-Grandaunt Maria Aldridge – Liverpool, England

27 February 2012

Good Day,

And the search goes on. The genealogy of the Aldridge Family continues with the fourth and youngest daughter, JK’s gg-grandaunt Maria Aldridge.

The location of abode for the Aldridge Family changed from Bedford Street North to Waterloo, both in Liverpool. GG-Grandaunt Maria was baptized, as were her three elder siblings at St. Peter’s Church. The above inserted image is an 1880 image of St. Peter’s.

To date the only record I have discovered of gg-grandaunt Maria is that of her Baptism Registration entered into the Parish Register and kept at the Liverpool Records Office. The reference number is 283/Pet/2/50. The date of the Baptism is 8 July 1861 and the noted Birth date is 5 March 1860.

Here is the image.

And my transcription –

[PAGE 288]

BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish Church of ST. PETER in LIVERPOOL, in the County of LANCASTER, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty One.

When born. – 5 March 1860
When Baptised. – 1861 July 8
No. 2299
Child’s Christian Name. – Maria
Parent’s Name.
Christian. – Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth
Surname. – Aldridge
Abode. – Waterloo
Quality, Trade, or Profession. – Agent
By whom the Ceremony was performed. – W.H. Denning, Curate

Take note that ggg-grandmother Sarah Aldridge's middle name is Elizabeth.

Next? And back to my search for ggg-grandfather James Smith.




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