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02 March 2012

Good Day,

Today, in this day and age, I realized how electronically vulnerable I really am. And for anyone who does work on genealogy, of which the data files and folders become as precious gold, this can become a serious matter.

In my car, on a quick trip to my PC experts at Citrus Computers here in Tampa, I had to take in my desktop to get it tweaked, fixed and a new “case-applied”. My notebook mouse and cursor functionalities had seized up when I was updating my anti-virus software Kaspersky 2012. Further, the battery was draining on both my iPad and iPhone. Now realize that I backup up my desktop to another hard drive and at a distance via Carbonite. My notebook is a pure backup and my iPad is a “show and tell” tool.

But I was pinning when I realized that I would not have my means, any means of electronic communications and/or work tools. I picked up all my gizmos, and on the trip home I immediately thought “What would I do if I was in a new car accident?” And I subsequently began to think, not of my physical corps, but of my electronic Avatars. How I would survive in my created world without any electronic tool for my means of communications? Heavens forbid I would have to talk orally, and with the vocal chords as found in my upper throat.

Well, everything is back in place, now. Everything is connected and working, backed-up and protected.

Just something to think about… Oh and yeah, thanks to the guys at Citrus Computers.




hybrid dvr on December 5, 2012 at 9:37 AM said...

The best thing that you must know is the use nof it..

Jim Smith on December 5, 2012 at 1:30 PM said...

Not sure if I understand the comment from "hybrid dvr"... JKLS.

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