Part 664d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1889 Wilmington City Directory – GG-Grandparents Philip and Margaret Doherty aka Dougherty

18 April 2012

Good day,

The search continues into the genealogy of the Doherty Family… and it certainly can get confusing as to which Doherty is which Dougherty is which Docherty. The fact that there are a number of documents and publications that spell and present the surname in different ways only means that the scope of search only broadens. Thank you Helen for your insight and knowledge…

One fact that is for certain is that the Doherty/Dougherty family did live at 731 Madison Street in Wilmington, Delaware. This certainty assists me with determining if I am focusing on the correct family regardless of the spelling of the surnames.

Today in The Wilmington City Directory for 1889 I discovered the individual listings for both gg-grandfather Philip Doherty and gg-grandmother Margaret Dougherty.

Even though each is recorded with a different variation of the surname Doherty and Dougherty, they are both listed at the same location 731 Madison Street.

GG-Grandfather Philip is recorded as Moulder and working at P.& J. Co., aka Pusey and Jones Company.  GG-Grandmother Margaret is listed owning a Dry Goods, Notions, and Trimmings business at her home location at 731 Madison Street. Great-Grandfather Gerald is also listed as Gerald Dougherty as a boarder at 731 Madison and his occupation is provided as a Machinist at P. & J. Co., the same company employer as his father, gg-grandfather Philip.

These recordings are unique in the sense that usually it was only the head of household and/or business owner listed in the City Directories… and here we got “a bang for the $5.00”, so-to-speak.

Here are the Pages of the 1889 Wilmington City Directory as downloaded from

The top inserted photograph is of P. & J. Co., Pusey and Jones Company from History of Delaware. 1609-1888, Volume II by J. Thomas Scharf. A.M., LL..D.. Philadelphia, 1888.

And the search continues.




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