Part 666g – Groh Smith Genealogy – New Families – A New Groh Descendant Chart

21 April 2012

Good Day,

Tonight’s supper was a challenge. I found this picture at With One Cat in the Yard …and of course I had to try and replicate it – Shrimp and Pancetta over Tonnarelli al nero di seppia. Never judge a black pasta by its cover.

And who’d a-think that I had all ingredients, give-or-take, in my pantry and in my garden. Shrimp, pancetta, fresh tomatoes chopped, mushrooms, onion, chili pepper, fresh culantro chopped, salt, pepper, some olive oil, a little bit of chicken broth, and squid ink pasta… Amazingly good.

And as there is a pending increase of my descendants, my work, research, and search for the genealogy and ancestry of new families doubles, quadruples, and will definitely increase exponentially.

Today I would like to present to you my first preliminary Groh Descendant Chart.

Definitely would invite any comments and thoughts. Follow A Genealogy Hunt for status and updates.




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