My Tangent – A Genealogy Hunt NOT Affected by NBC’s Move

15 May 2012

Just a quick thought, and Good Day,

It appears that NBC has decided not to renew their show, Who Do You Think You Are. There looks that there will not be a 4th season. Viewer-ship must be down.

And the fallout continued, yesterday, as share value of dropped down $3.59 to $22.57. That is an almost 14% plummet. is the major sponsor of the cancelled show.

Well, I’m sorry to hear that the show is on its way out. There is no residual or after-math effect on the effort, research, and search of A Genealogy Hunt, this blog and site.

Now of course, A Genealogy Hunt does not nor did not have the resources and fiscal responsibilities as propelled into the Who Do You Think You Are efforts and shows. Neither does A Genealogy Hunt have the team of experts to provide the immediate and extensive research work… just me, family, friends, and acquaintances.

So I can’t say that A Genealogy Hunt will be affected. The work that goes into genealogy research and the search efforts are considerable and take much time… but as I am obsessed with the hunt, A Genealogy Hunt will continue.

And this is my 890th Post on A Genealogy Hunt since June 2009… and Visits just keeping going up.




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