My Tangent – Two Are Definitely Better Than One – Three Are Better

21 May 2012

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In Genealogy, one’s research in trying to decipher the life of a past ancestor can be somewhat baffling. It is key that only one source of information may not be the only final consideration for presenting a fact, or composed truth, concerning an ancestor.

One document, a family history, a newspaper article, data on the Internet may be the only contemporaneous source of an inkling of information… The question is, what type of source is it? There are criteria espoused by various Genealogy organizations which categorize the levels of importance of various types of sources.

I agree that this/these evaluations are legitimate and well worth studying and researching. I am stating that I use the idea that multiple and more than one document and source of a life event, if available, may be critical to my understanding of the ancestor and the life event. Two, or three or more, are better than one.

On another note, there are reams of inputted data and information in Interland. This data may be correct, and then again it may be somewhat deviate. There is a ton of family tree and ancestry information out there. I always look for the cited source. If there isn’t any I attempt to contact the originator of the information. If that is a dead end, it is my responsibility to find the best possible source of the information.

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