Part 676p - Smith Groh Genealogy - The Mystery of Brayton C. Placeway - 1911 Obituary, GGGG-Grandfather William Henry Placeway

07 May 2012

Good Day,

PC is back in the house… and immediately I continue with my genealogy search and research into the past life of ggg-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway.

My next dated item is the 15 November 1911 article from The Daily Times News of Ann Arbor, Michigan. On Page Seven of the newspaper in the Hamburg News column I was able to locate the Obituary of ggg-grandfather Brayton’s and ggg-granduncle Clayton’s father, gggg-grandfather William Henry Placeway. According to the Obituary he passed away on the 1st of November 1911 at his daughter’s home in Ames, Iowa.

GGGG-Grandfather William Henry was survived by a number of family members including his twin sons, Clayton and Brayton. The news article makes a point that ggg-granduncle Clayton, “the former…” is currently living “on the old farm east of Pinckney village”. Pinckney, Michigan is approximately 580 miles east of Ames, Iowa. There does not appear to be any mention of where ggg-grandfather Brayton may have been living.

According to a later document, I did discover where ggg-grandfather Brayton may have been living at the time of his father’s passing. You will have to return to A Genealogy Hunt to find out.




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