Part 679d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1866 Birth and Baptism – Great-Grandaunt Helen Doherty, Wilmington, Delaware

09 May 2012

Good Day,

Now isn’t genealogy amusing? Not amusing in a “snide” or “sarcastic” way, but in a sort of “fun” and “challenging” type of way.

My search of the St. Peter’s Church Registers of Wilmington, Delaware now has produced the documentation of the 11th Doherty sibling – great-grandaunt Helen Doherty. This is the mystery Doherty. All-things-being-equal, great-grandaunt Helen appears to have been gg-grandparents Philip and Margaret Doherty’s second child and the first of eight daughters.

Great-Grandaunt Margaret was born, in Wilmington, Delaware, on 25 March 1866. She was baptized at St. Peter’s Church 1 April 1866 when she was just seven days old.

The above inserted image is the actual page of the Church Register. I downloaded it from Item 4 of the microfilm FHL [1787748].

Here is my attempt at transcribing the Latin script.



“ (1st) Baptizavi Helenam filiam Phillippi Doherty et
Margareta __ natum 25th Ult Sponsores
Daniele Doherty et Catharina McGonigle
P.R. O’Brien

And my translation -



"(1st) Baptized Helen, daughter of Phillipp Doherty
and Margaret, born 25th last
Sponsors Daniel Doherty and Catherine McGonigle
P.R. O'Brien

And now on to the next two sisters.




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